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#1"Mini - Goldendoodles" ," Goldendoodle", " Mini Goldendoodles ".


Past Mini Goldendoodles

Thanks to all the wonderful families for sending me pictures of their Goldendoodles !


If proper breeding is the cause of a happy, healthy, well disposed and adjusted puppy,

you have to be one of the best breeders on the planet.

Buddy became an instant family member and is such a warm, loving and happy dog,

we know his first 8 weeks with you are the reason for his disposition.

Here' a picture update.

We'll keep you posted


Mark, Lisa, Ben & Greg

Greenwich, CT

Mini Goldendoodle Cora!

Brody Doodle 9wks!

More Beautiful Goldendoodles going Home!

Mini cooper at the beach for Xmas!

#1 Male Ella Going Home!

Nikki puppy going home!

Juliette puppy going home!

Lacy Male going Home!

1 Male Nikki going Home!

Lacy puppy going home!

Pheonix Female going Home!

Honey Female Goldendoodle going Home!

Tiffany puppy in her new home!

Plum in her new Home!

Honey goldendoodle going Home!

Doodle pup going home!

Jasper going home!

Mini doodle going home to Windsor!

Goldendoodles are Great!


Attached are some pics from Lacie's first weekend up north. She is an absolute joy and we love her very much.

She is a bit of a troublemaker, but nothing we can't handle. She sleeps well through the night and is very smart -

she learned how to sit within 24 hours.

We will continue to keep you updated on her progress.

We are so thankful to have her.

Jillian and Matthew

More Mini Goldendoodles


Phoenix and Franky


8 months

Hi Jamie,Thanks for the info.Abby weighs 23 lbs now,she is a wonderful,sweet dog and we love her very much.

                                Bob/Joanne Niblock 

Faith and Franky Puppy!

Hi Bill and Jamie,

A big hello from the Wilson family in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia. I just wanted to let you know that Gus is doing great.

We got him on June 3rd, 2009 and he was instantly the perfect addition to our family. He is an absolutely wonderful dog.

He recently got neutered but I don't have a scanner to send you confirmation.

Is there a fax number we could send you some confirmation if you would like it?

He's about 40 pounds, loves playing outside, going on long walks and being lazy and cute. I've attached some pictures to the email.

Hope you enjoy them and thanks so much for this amazing dog.

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