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#1"Mini - Goldendoodles" ," Goldendoodle", " Mini Goldendoodles ".


More Happy Goldendoodle Owners

Hi Jamie! I have been meaning to send you an email with some pictures to tell you how much we all just LOVE Cooper! 

Words are not enough to describe how wonderful this dog is. He has been so easy to train and has an unbelievable temperament.

The kids can’t get enough of him and I think the feeling in mutual! J Also, you may be getting more inquiries from Minnesota.

EVERYWHERE we go people want to know what kind of dog he is and where we got him.

I attached some pictures for you. We had him at the vet yesterday and he is 22lbs.

Thanks for such a great puppy!


Belle dancing with her friend !

Hey Jamie

So we haven't sent any pictures yet its been hetic here trying to move and train Brodie.

Brodie is doing great he has almost crasp the concept of potty train and he now knows how to sit.

He is the most laidback puppy ever, with all the fireworks of the May 2-4 weekend he didn't even have a problem.

He loves to sleep but when he wakes up he wants to play, play, play.

He loves all the attention he can get and when new people come over to the house Brodie just aks for belly rubs.

We couldn't love him, he has become a part of family and we wouldn't change it for the world!

Thanks so much Jamie

Hi, Jamie

Brodie is well Brodie! He has grown to be a loving and playful dog we all enjoy his company.

We can't say that he stayed a mini, he is 2ft3 and weighs about 60ish pounds.

His coat is beautifully, it has a soft sleekly shine that everybody compliements him on.

It has stayed the same colour since he was a puppy which is golden.

We have taken him to obiedence school and he has learned his manners but he can still sometimes have too much energy!

Brodie has been an excellent addition to our family, he has seemed to pick up character traits from all of us.

Brodie can be the laziest dog ever all he seems to ever do is sleep all day long but when he wakes up he wants to play.

Brodie loves all the attention he gets from us and our family and friends we like to say he is an attention seeker.

My daughter is like Brodie's mom and me and my husband are considered the grandparents who would have

known that we would became grandparents so early!

I have attacthed some pictures of Brodie and the family feel free to use them on the website.

Oliver sitting Pretty!

Hi Jamie,

  My wife and I bought our lovely golden doodle (Chewie) from you last year.

The little guy is now 35lbs and doing great.

I've attached a picture of him for you to view/share.



Hi Jamie

Just thought I would give you an update on Maxwell. He is from Pixie and Frankie's litter July /07.

He weighs 26 lbs at 5 and ½ months. He was neutered yesterday and recovering very well. (I will send you the documentation)

Maxwell is lots of fun and a great companion. He loves to snuggle and go for long walks.

He has figured out how to open the dresser drawers to help himself to my lingerie.

He is a very popular fellow and my coworkers refer to him as the muppet.

Thanks so much Jamie !

I am attaching a couple of pictures for you.

Happy Holidays


Indy Faith and Franky Mini Goldendoodle!

Hi Jamie,

I have been meaning to send you these photos since early June. Indy is a lovely puppy and we love having him as part of our family.

If you would like, we can send you some more recent photos. We hope you are having a good summer. Take care.

Carol Hill

Hi Jamie,   

Hope you had a happy holiday. Here are some pics of happy little

Brinkley. Not so little anymore. About 25 pounds now. The first one

is being held (that doesn't happen very often, really!) so my daughter

could come in and put my grandson to bed without crazy puppy bouncing

around (and a very tired looking Mama!) and the second is tearing up

wrapping paper after opening presents! That was his Christmas present,

being allowed to tear up paper!

He's been neutered and we're almost done with puppy classes. There is a

Goldendoodle in the class with us who is at least twice as big as he is

(she's a bit older) and the two of them have the same energy level and

LOVE each other. We had to be reprimanded by our instructor to not let

them get crazy with each other during class or they would only be

thinking about playing instead of learning! So, now we have to sit

apart! I think they both still think about playing all the time!

He remains a delight. I might have missed that part about pairing the

energy level of the owner with the dog! But we are definitely bonded!

As you said, loves the snow and I don't think it could get too cold for

him. In fact as I was out plowing our Christmas day 8-10 inches of

snow, the temperature was about 20 F., the sun was out and he was

sitting in the shade of my truck.  

Hard to believe he is almost 6 months old. We're going to keep on with

training/obedience classes after puppy class so I can continue to learn

how to work with his energy level. I'm thinking he would love agility!

Take Care and good wishes to you and your family.

Mary Ellen Honeyfield

Hi Jamie,

Miss Maggie couldn't be any cuter, though that was a given, or smarter, or well behaved..

well I could go on and on.

How do you make well behaved 11 week old puppies?! Essentially housebroken. (I'm afraid to really say the word as official!)

Has slept all night with her pink blankie loose in my laundry room on a bed and since the first night has not gone potty during the night nor cried before I wake up.

She has learned to use the dog door and I have one with 2 flaps. She sits like her big brother when she is fed before I put the bowl down.

And is wrapping her big bro around her little paw. Here are a few pictures! After the first day or so when Brinkley had to show her who he thought was the boss they now play like old pals.

Went to the vet for her first check up and she weighed 12.5 pounds. The usual parasites in her stool . But otherwise perfect. I'll send you some more pics this weekend.

Brink gets groomed tomorrow and you will be able to see his eyes! His favorite place to sleep is on the bottom step of my staircase and you can see who has decided that

is also a good place for a baby sister! The little boy is my grandson who she was meeting for the first time.

Thanks again for doing such a good job breeding such awesome dogs. I'll keep you updated.


Here is a picture of porter taken this week. She is doing sooooo

good. We love her to pieces. She went to do puppy play and get a

little trim, just do she is use to the groomer. Well the shaved her

from her eyes all the way to the end of her snout, right down the

middle. I was veryyyyyyy upset to say the least. How long do you

think this will take to grow back? Hope all is well.

Jill Ramsay

From March 10th litter of Tippy

Maxwell Smart- "Max" Timson

max has had lots of attention and many comments on how cute he is. We love him very much. He is the best behaved puppy around and has three or four tricks already. He is a very smart little guy.

Thanks for Max!

Margo Dean Katie and Mason Timson.

Hi Jamie,

I just wanted to send you a quick message to let you know how happy we are to have Toby with us and how well he's doing.

He's almost 4 months old and weighs in at 17 lbs.

He's incredibly smart and very loving. Everywhere we go people ask us where we got him (I've referred several people to your website).

We were out for a walk one day awhile ago and a police car pulled over across the street and the policeman yelled out "What a cute dog! What kind is he?"

He's a very well-mannered little guy who gets along great with children and other dogs. I can't say enough good about him!

We were at a pet food store a few days ago and the staff were raving about him and one of them said "He looks like a very very well-bred pup."

I've attached a couple of cute pictures of Toby - one of him cooling off under the stroller at the beach back in June,

another of him in one of his favourite spots to relax on the deck. Hope the sizing is ok, let me know if it is not.

Thanks and I hope all is well!


Wonderful Pictures and letters

Faith and Franky Puppy

Hi Jamie,

I just wanted to send along some pictures of Otis and an update about him.

He is now 5 and a half months old and has

been a fantastic addition to our family. He is so smart, happy and loveable.

He was housebroken within a few weeks of

being home, and learned to sit and shake a paw very quickly.

He loved being up at the cottage this summer; he is

definitely a water dog! He would sit and wait patiently at the edge

of the lake for me to take his leash off so he could

go swim, and would happily swim for hours if we let him!

He is so friendly, and wants to say hi to everyone, whether

they are two-legged or four-legged. He is so fanstastic,

we cannot imagine our life without him. 

Thanks again for such a wonderful puppy.


Anthony and Emily Comegna

Dear Jamie,

We are so pleased with Topaz. She was born on April 3, 2009 from Faith and Franky's f1b minis.
We are so happy about having a puppy like Topaz. She is now almost six months old and 30 pounds of lovable puppy!!!
Attached is a photo of her taken today. We hope you are doing great and hope all is well.


Claire Jansen-Faught and family (including Topaz!)

Hi Jamie,

I hope this note finds you well and warm during this cold start to 2009. I thought it was about time I finally sit down and write you an update. 

I feel like we’ve had Ben for a year! Life revolved around him during our 1 week vacation after Christmas,

then it was back to work and school and regular routine.

Well, we’re not quite into a regular routine yet but we’re working on it. 

It took about 4 nights to get Ben settled into the crate training through the night.

Now, he goes in when I go to bed (11am) and is usually there until 6’ish. Lately, he likes 4:30am.

He doesn’t go into the crate too often during the day but when he does he’s not too thrilled about it.

He’s been to the vet and is doing fine. He goes back this Saturday for a shot. I’ll be curious to see how much he weighs –

I don’t notice him getting much bigger but he’s starting to eat a lot more.

(update: Jan. 18th – Ben’s 6.4 lbs. He was 4.4 at his last visit to the vet, a few days after we picked him up.)

The girls love him! My oldest is really good with him. The little one is a little scared when he’s all wound up –

that’s when his name changes to ‘Ben-No-Bite’.  

He loves to sleep on their slippers when they’re at school and sleep in their rooms for a while when they go to bed.

He’s so cute! When you see him a night all calm, you think ‘what an angle’. Until the morning when he’s hanging off my pj bottoms. 

We love The Dog Whisperer! He’s amazing. We’ve all learned a lot from watching this show. Has he ever done an episode on puppy training?

How do you handle the biting? I want to be effective with him and not hurt him. We’ve been saying ‘no bite’, giving him toys, pushing my hand

gradually toward him so he can’t really bite down, making him sit then ‘gently’ pushing him down and holding him for a moment – stern voice. 

He usually gets more tired out then anything.  

I’ll keep you posted on his size. Take care./ Jackie

Hi Jamie,

I don’t think I ever got back to you . . . sorry about that.

Ben is doing well. The last time we had him weighed was when he got fixed at about 7 months in May. He has 16 and ½ lbs at that point.

So maybe 17lbs now. He’s a nice small size but still fairly robust. He’s great with the kids! Actually, he’s and all-around good dog. Still likes to bite (knaw) and jump up, but he’s getting better.

  He usually grabs a little towel or chew toy before coming to see us so he wont bite us. He’s so cute!

And check this out. In Feb. we went to a family wedding and found out that our cousins also bought a dog from you! 

So, there dog is actually Ben’s ½ brother. Lorraine Sicilia is our cousin. So over the summer, we met up in Wasaga.

I attached a pic of Ben and Dalas. Dalas is over a year older then Ben. 


Gloria Puppy!


Just a couple of recent photos of Sophie. She is now 30+ lbs and a bundle of energy.

She is a delight and we all love her. She seems to be getting us all well trained. She is due to be spayed Oct 26th.

We will keep you posted on our Sophie.

Thanks again Peter and Louise

Sophie / Gloria and Jasper Goldendoodle


We saw the vet yesterday and all is well and she continues to charm

everyone she meets. We have made arrangements to have her spayed and

are getting the remainder of her shots done. We ahve been totaly

thrilled with Sophie and I think she feels the same about us. (She is

only a little bit spoiled!)

We will keep you posted but up to now this has been a very positive

experience for us all.

Thank you

Peter and Louise

Mini Goldendoodles Are Great!

Lacy and Franky Puppy!

I'm glad you got the check- Ruby is great. She is

going to the bathroom outside pretty well. She didn't

howel in the crate last night (12:30-6:30) I don't know

how she didn't have to go to the bathroom. I guess

picking the water up at 8:00 works well. The kids love

her and she already fetches and lets us go through the

door first. She jumped in my neighbor's pool!! We took her

out right away, but she seemed to enjoy it. She takes naps

on my kids' laps or falls asleep in their arms. She's sooo

cute. I could go on and on....but I'm sure you've heard it

all before. Take Care and we'll send pictures soon. Thanks,


Hi Jamie,

Ruby is doing very well here. She goes to the vet tomorrow.

She's grown so much in one week! She LOVES the kids; they

tire each other out. I attached pictures on the other e-mail.

Take Care-

Noelle DeSantis

Syracuse, New York (border exchange!)

Hi Jamie!

I hope you are doing well. I wanted to send along the veterinary

documents that we have for Sunny in case you need to keep these on


Sunny has been a wonderful addition to our family. She's an

adorable bundle of energy! She appears to have more retreiver

characteristics right now, but she changes so much each week so we're

not quite sure what she'll look like at full grown. She has bonded

really well with my dad and they are an inseparable pair. It's really

cute to watch the little routines that they've established in such a

short period of time.

I've attached a few pics of Sunny to show you how she's growing. These pics are of her at 3 months.



Hi Jamie,

We just wanted to update you on how Foxie is doing. She has been wonderful and we love her lots!

She can come, sit, shake a paw and is learning to ring a bell if she needs to go outside. She is pretty much potty trained and she sleeps through the night.

We have her first puppy class tonight. The dog trainer said she has had lots of wonderful dogs from your kennel in the past. They also told us there is another mini goldendoodle in her class.

We took her to Keith’s cottage last weekend and she had a blast. She was walking around in the shallow end of the water and loved it. We are going to my cottage this weekend.

We also went to a dog park yesterday and she was wonderful with the other dogs. People were commenting on how great she was!

Last week we went to the Vets. She was really well behaved and everyone loved her. 

I have also attached some very cute pictures for you. 

Thank you for such a wonderful puppy!!

We will keep in touch.

Tiffany & Keith

Scout / Tiffany and Franky Puppy

Hello Jamie,

Just wanted to take the time to send you documentation of Scout's neutering and his "Certificate of Graduation" from obedience class.

Scout is an awesome dog and member of our family. He has such a great personality and loves all people and other animals. His favorite things to do are play fetch and snuggle up on the sofa with us.

We could not ask for a better dog. He gives great kisses!! Everywhere we go we have people stop us and ask us what kind of dog is he, and where we got him.

About a month ago we had a young couple ask us about Scout and they said they were looking for a mini goldendoodle but they wanted a black one.

I remembered seeing on your web-site the little black female puppy and told them about her. Soon after I noticed she went from being "available" to being "on hold" to being "sold".

I wondered if it was the couple we had spoken too?

Well, thank you again for breeding such a wonderful, loving group of dogs. I have attached a couple of pictures also-hope they come through okay.


Elizabeth and Bob Jackson


Just thought I'd send you an update.

Buddy has become a beloved part of the family with a sweet disposition, warm heart and every wagging tail and.

We recently drove him to and from Florida where we met other dogs from all over the east cost.

He traveled like a champion and charmed everyone he met. We love Buddy!! 

Here's a picture of Buddy in our front yard at almost 4 months

Thanks again


More Mini Goldendoodles

Sam / Faith and Franky Puppy

Hello Jamie,

Just wanted to let you know Sam is doing well.

He has grown so much. He is 25lbs and 17inches tall.

He is so much fun, very playful and a wonderful temperament.

We have started puppy training he is doing well, the potty training was a breeze, just two days to train.

We love having Sam around.

Take Care Anna

Ella and Franky Puppy Cora

Good Morning Jamie,

We just wanted to give you and update on our now 10-month old mini

golden Cora. She is honestly the greatest dog and has become such a huge

part of our family we can't thank you enough. We love Cora SOOOOOOO much

and she makes us laugh every day!!! She is super well behaved and so

friendly and loving to everybody she meets. We took her to puppy class

and level 1 obedience training and she was at the head of the class. She

loved it.

Cora is now 22.5 pounds and has stopped growing for the passed few

months. She's the perfect size and doesn't shed one bit! She's the


Anyways Jamie, thanks again and we'll keep you posted!!!!

Gregg and Amanda Hodgins

Ottawa, ON


Last month we had Blossoms 1 year check up. She is from Hope and Franky, born 1/9/08. She is 34 lbs. The vet couldn’t stop commenting on what a great temperament she is. 

The vet has recently come across a few Goldendoodles that are very high strung. She said our Blossom was the perfect example of what breeders were trying to

do by mixing Golden Retrievers and Poodles. She really has the best of each breed. Blossom has been a joy to own. She does all kinds of tricks.

She LOVES people and goes to all the kids’ ball games. I can’t thank you enough for making such wonderful dogs.


The Farneys & Blossom

Albany NY

Hello Jamie,

We all LOVE Oscar! He is doing great! We went to the vet today and he is healthy. He is 13.5 pounds. Oscar is very mellow and treats the cat well.

We are so happy with him! He seemed to adjust well to our house and time change. I attached a picture of him. take care,

The Conway's

Happy Holidays!

My name is Trevor Cornish and I am the son of Michelle Cornish. My sister and I are very happy to have our new dog Clara.

I have attached a couple photos of Clara for you to see. If you want to, you can put them on your website.

Clara has been a very good dog and she is doing a great job on her training.

The only thing we are working with her on alot is puppy nipping.

Trevor Cornish

Hi Jamie!

Clara is 28 pounds now. We had invisible fence put in for Clara and she absolutely LOVES it. Being outside is one of her favorite things.

At our lakehouse on Conesus lake she has her own puppy life jacket for the boat and for swimming.

She likes to go on the water trampoline and on rafts in the water.

She is an awesome swimmer. We love her so much. We can't even remember life without a puppy.

Her favorite toys are her tennisballs.

Hi Jamie -

Charlee and Tori are doing great!!! Charlee is such a sweet lovable - goof! She is so much like a big stuffed animal. You can't help but smile when you see her!

She is very friendly, loves all the customers that come in, and she just rolls right over for her favorite - a belly rub.

She is so laid back, that the joke around here is that "we can't wait till she's two and she calms down!" She is a "talker", which I absolutely love,

- it sounded like she said "mama" yesterday! She loves to be around people, and will only bark if I leave the office, or if someone has her toy -

doesn't like to share! She loves to run in our yard, and play ball, go for rides in the car, in fact she will go and get her leash.

The pictures I'm sending were about 6 weeks ago, and she was about 35 lbs then. She is scheduled for her spay at the end of the month,

so I'll have more info for you then.

Tori is now almost 10 months old and is sweet as a button. She still thinks she is a big dog, (she was still at barely 18 lbs six weeks ago)

and will bark when she is startled or is running with all the dogs in our big back yard. She loves to cuddle, and is a really big kisser!

She has very long eye lashes, and will look at you and I believe flirt with you when you have to scold her. Charlee just looks at you like -

what are you talking to me? Tori is very smart, and will learn things very quickly. She is really good at the "high-five", and when we were trying to teach it to Charlee,

would come over as if to say "like this stupid!!!" It is a challenge to teach things when four of them are all competing!!!

I also sent a picture of "all the dogs" - Bailey our 9 year old Cocker Spaniel still isn't real happy about the new additions,

she is fine as long as they are not in her face - mainly Tori, because she just wants to play and lick her face.

I also think with Tori being of same color and size, poor Bailey just can't figure out why we needed her!

Otherwise when they are all out for a walk, playing or all just lay around together and it's really cute.

Avery is our 22 month Black Lab, she loves having Charlee and Tori, as they all play and wrestle and take snuggly naps together.

She is my sons hunting dog, and still thinks she is a little puppy!

Please remember that if you should decide to put Brooke up for adoption, we could still be interested in having her.

I'll send more later. Hope all is going well. We have many inquiries about these dogs, and we send people looking your way!!!

Thanks Diane, Avery, Tori, Bailey and Charlee

hi jamie

sorry i have not responded sooner. i have had a large sale for work that has consumed a lot of my time and i have had to restructure my son's homeschool program as what we had was not working.

mia went to the vet this past week for her last set of shots. she is 25 whopping pounds but no where near the 50 they tried to scare me with. she is very loving with big eyes that beg you to play with her. she has started puppy obedience school--she needs some training to calm her energy. she is VERY sweet and loves to please.

tell us how you have been doing. lots of litters coming for christmas?

has the weather turned cool yet up there. hard to keep weather in perspective as here it is still in the 80's--you just assume everyone else is warm too!!!

take care!


Faith and Franky!

Here are a couple of pictures taken 2 months ago. They don't show her cute personality but do give an indication of her size and color.

Her coat is curly and fairly dense but very soft. We have her groomed in the poodle "sport cut" or "teddy bear" cut. The groomers call her "the hugger"

She weighs about 40 pounds which is a little heavy, but it has been too hot here to do a lot of walks right now.

She loves to be with people and go for walks. She has the potential to be a "frisbee dog" if her owners were not so bad at throwing a frisbee.

She loves to do that "catch while turning in mid-air" trick.

Hope all is well with you,

Donna Parsons

Toy Goldendoodles

Hi Jamie,

Here are some pics of Bailey after a recent hair cut—he is very poofy! He is doing fantastic- full of energy and mischief! 

We recently had him neutered and he came through that with no issues at all. 

He is a very energetic dog and keeps my kids on their toes! He is about 16 pounds right now I believe.

We are really enjoying him!

How are the other dogs in his litter doing? Are they about his size as well? In these pictures his coat looks very light,

but it has darkened up a little in the past month- and has gotten more curly especially after a swim.

Thanks for checking in. Hope things are going well with you. We have been to visit Charlee and Tori and they are both adorable! 


Goldendoodles Are sooo Great!

Hi Jamie,

As promised, here are a few pictures of Toby. He got a short haircut for the summer and it's starting to grow out now.

He's doing great, happy and healthy. We took these pictures today - a rainy day here in Halifax. On rainy days his favourite thing to do is lounge around,

as you'll see from some of the pics! Hope all is well.


Hi Jamie,

Toby is doing great! He's now 17.5 months old and very active, smart and loving. Believe it or not he is a whopping 45 lbs.

(although you wouldn't think by looking at must be all muscle)!! He was at the vet a couple of weeks ago to get his booster shots and she said he's very healthy.

We're in Newfoundland right now on vacation and we don't have access to pictures of him - I will send a couple of recent ones along in 2 weeks when we're home in Halifax.

He actually met his 1/2 sister Yarra (father is Franky) a couple of months ago. It was very cute to see them play.

Hope all is well at Dreamdoodles and that you're enjoying the summer!



Hi Jamie,

Hope you are doing well.

Just wanted to check in to give you an update on how Buddy is doing.

He's had all of his shots, and is doing great in Puppy school (he's in a group with a bunch of Retrievers and Labs, and I have to admit, he is the cutest of all of them!).

He is just under 17lbs now, and keeps on growing!

He is sooo lovable and friendly, and super hyper!

He's teeth have begun to fall out, which is a good sign that we should be able to neuter him in a few months.

He also doesn't shed, which is even more of a bonus!

Last week he began throwing up, so we took him in to the vet, and he has worms :(

Not sure where he got them from, but I think it must have happened in the last month because we had a sample analysed over a month ago and everything was fine.

His temperment is still fantastic, and he's doing well with the medication, so we expect things to be back to normal soon.

I've attached a couple of pictures - one at 10 weeks which is adorable, one at 16 weeks where he is posing for the camera, and one of him with his favourite frisbee

(also taken a 16 weeks).

Talk to you soon,


Hi Jamie,

Here is a recent picture of Buddy (not a full body shot, but as soon I get one I'll send it to you).

He is truly the most beautiful dog and we get stopped all the time by people asking us what kind of dog he is.

He's 28lbs now (been that weight for a couple of months), and 10.5 months old. He's 26" long and 24" high - great size!

Buddy is very well behaved... except for jumping on people to play! He loves EVERYONE and EVERYTHING, and thinks that EVERYONE and EVERYTHING loves him back...

which is usually the case but makes training tough! :)

He has also got a tendancy to eat the carpet around the stairs when we're not home if we don't put him in his crate -

so I think we're going to take that priviledge away from him for a while!

We saw that Lacy & Franky had another litter and were SO tempted to get him a playmate,

but since we're expecting our first 'human baby' in February, I'm sure we'll have our hands full.

I'll keep in touch to let you know how things are going and how he adapts to the baby.

Do you have any tips?

Thanks again,


Goldendoodles going home!

Watson going home Lola and Franky puppy!

#2 Male Mini Goldendoodle ,Lola and Franky puppy!

#2 Female going home Lola and Franky Mini Goldendoodle!

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