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#1"Mini - Goldendoodles" ," Goldendoodle", " Mini Goldendoodles ".


Mini Goldendoodles

Mini Goldendoodles are great!

So many people these days just don?t

have the space for a big


so I decided to breed mini?s.

My mini goldendoodle puppies are bred

for temperament and health.

Because of all the years experience, that

I've had in breeding Mini Poodles and Goldendoodles.

I can only say good things about combining a

Golden Retriever or Goldendoodle

to Make Mini's.

They are full of life and just smart as can be.

So in saying that the mini Doodles will be amazing pets,

fitting into almost every life style.

With their compact size!

Mini Goldendoodles are wonderful, very easy to train.

Very much people dogs . Little Teddy Bears.

They have the same great looks and wonderful traits as the

standard size Goldendoodles .

Mini goldendoodles

are very new and with this

you will get different variations in size.

Which depends on the Mother's & Fathers Size

Until us as breeders of this new breed,

continue years of breeding to make the mini's breed true.

So for now we have four different types: 

F1 Mini Goldendoodle

The F1's are a Golden Retriever

and a Mini Poodle combined .

These puppies can be as big as 45 lbs. But average is 35.

Coming in golds ,creams ,red colors.

Coat types are flat and wavy!

F2 Goldendoodles

The F2's is when you Breed a Golden Retriever

to a F1B Goldendoodle

These puppies tend to be 40-55 Lbs

Coming in white,Cream ,Golds.

F1 B Goldendoodles

 The F1'bs are a Medium Goldendoodle or Mini Goldendoodle

bred to A Mini poodle with this you will get:

F1B Mini goldendoodles

that will vary in size

from 14- 19 inches

and will vary in weight 25-45 lbs pounds.

Coming in all colors and coat types!

Petite Goldendoodles!

Come from the combination of a Mini Goldendoodle

Bred to a Mini Poodle!

These puppies will average 20-29 Lbs and average 14-15 inches!

Coming in all colors and coat types!

Miniature Poodles

  I have been Breeding Miniature Poodles for over 20 years.

They are very loving dogs with

wonderful temperaments and beautiful looks.

Mini Poodles are very loyal, and sweet.

I do not have any problem with yippy dogs.

As I have selected breeding stock without those tendencies.

And Don't let them bark ! Training is a big part of It!

If you measured canine intelligence by a dog's ability to

adapt to all kinds of situations then you'd have to give the

Poodle a prize for their ability to understand things quickly

combined with its desire to make its owner happy.

Also poodles especially the miniature and toys are among

the most long-lived of all dogs !

I Breed my Goldendoodles with the families in Mind !!!!!!!  

Dreamdoodles Pekachu

She is a Velvet Daughter

She has a wonderful calm personality.

I'm sure she will make wonderful Goldendoodles!


Wavy coat

Weight : 40lbs

Height: 24inches

DreamDoodles Poppy

She is a Velvet Daughter

Poppy is a great pup with lots of energy.

She has a very sweet personality, loves to play and cuddle.


Weight: 38 lbs

Height: 20 inches

She is the smallest of the three girls.

She will make wonderful puppies.

Snow fun :)

Goldendoodle Moms

Thelma Is a Gorgeous

Golden Retriever

She has a wonderful personality!

She is 79 lbs and 23 inches.

She is Retired


F1 Mini Goldendoodle

She has such a sweet Nature ,

playful, and loves to cuddle!

She is about 38 lbs

and 17 inches tall.

I'm sure she will be a awesome mom.

She has a Wavy red coat

She is a Happy ,Healthy Girl.

Watch for her 1st litter being born

this Spring 2020.


She is a Light Gold with White

She has a calm personality,

and is very sweet!

She is 36 lbs and 20 inches.

Watch for her first litter in 2021.

Chloe is a F1 Mini Goldendoodle!

She has a perfect personality!

She is Quite small So she will be producing

Petite Goldendoodles.

She is 14 inches and 18 lbs.


Puzzle is a Dream Doodle ,with a Awesome personality!

Super easy go lucky!

She is 24Lbs and 16 inches!

Dream Doodles Scarlet is a Gorgeous Red Moyen Poodle!

She is a daughter from Lindsey and Franky !

She is 16 inches and 28 lbs.

She is super friendly and loves to play and cuddle!

F1 Goldendoodle Mazie

She is a Light Gold

Very sweet girl, with a heart of gold.

She is from my very sweet golden Velvet.

She is about 20 inches tall

weight is about 50 lbs.

She loves to play fetch and run in the big yard.

Lala is a Small Mini Goldendoodle

She loves to be the center of Attention

She will play fetch all day!

She is just 32 lbs and 18 inches.

She will make some beauties!


She is a absolute Doll!

She will make such wonderful


She is 18 inches tall

and weighs : 48 lbs

Watch for her 1st

litter Fall 2020

Favorite Poem

My Dog

If I could


just one friend that

would be FOREVER

at my side and

LOVE me unconditionally,

it would be my DOG.

SHE accepts me

as I am and never

fails to make

me SMILE.  

There is not

quite a more comfortable


knowing she's

my LOYAL companion.


could take lessons from

my DOG.

                                                                                Dedicated to Puffy!

Contact us

Goldendoodle Breeders

Bill & Jamie Cournoyea

Ontario, Canada

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