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#1"Mini - Goldendoodles" ," Goldendoodle", " Mini Goldendoodles ".


Past Puppies

Hi Jamie, 

Please find attached the neutering certificate and a couple pictures. I can't thank you enough for bringing Remy into our lives! Not only is he healthy, he has the most sweetest and friendly demeanor! We couldn't be happier and love him just so much! I'm so glad we found you, because he is truly the perfect addition to our family. We can't wait to bring him to the cottage this summer... I know he will love it! Thank you again!

Holly & family




> Hi there Jamie,


> Just wanted to drop a line to say a big thank you for everything.

Finn is even more wonderful than we imagined.

In only 2 days we cannot see our home without him now.

Hes such a well behaved little guy.

We're having a real easy time training him, we're kennel training at night.

As for the potty training he's pretty much trained !! We couldn't believe it really.

All around he's just a delight and we all love him so much.

You can tell he was well cared for before he came to our home,

we would recommend you as a breeder to anyone :)


> Jessica and Jeremy

> Labrador city, NL

Dear Jamie,

We wanted to let you know how thrilled we are with our puppy from Dreamdoodles.

Female #3 from Zeva and Wizard's litter is now our little "Heidi."

She is truly part of the family, and completes our home.

She is the happiest, most intelligent, sweetest puppy we've ever met.

She is eager to learn and see new things every day.

She completed two puppy classes, and most recently, became a weekend

boating expert as you can see in the photo. We couldn't be happier with her.

Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication to what you do!

Here are some photos of her as she grows.

She is almost 27 lbs and 6 1/2 months old now.

Thank you so much!!!

 -Lauren & Jordan Nick


I want to tell you that he is the sweetest, funniest, cutest darn dog I have ever known. He is friendly and playful, makes me laugh, makes me smile, just generally brings joy to me and everyone he meets. Except for my schnauzer Rogan, who Seamus still terrorizes. The good news though is that Rogan now gives as good as he takes. I take Seamus with me to my brother?s house for dinner every Sunday. I?m beginning to think they love him more than me from the way they all cheer when he comes in the door, and pretty much ho-hum when I follow behind him. My daughter Katie has pictures of him up on her desk at work and tells everyone that he is her puppy. Seriously, I?m beginning to get a complex! (Just kidding.) J

I?ve included a couple of new pictures of him. The cone is from his neutering -- he wouldn?t leave the incision alone -- so he had to wear the humiliating cone of shame. But it didn?t keep him down. He still ran around like a crazy dog chasing Rogan and playing fetch. It was pretty funny when we went outside. He would put his head down to sniff the ground and scoop up all this snow into the cone. It was hilarious! He was so happy Saturday when we got his stitches out and took the cone off.

I could keep going on, but I won?t. I just wanted to thank you again for Seamus. I am forever grateful!


I have attached a couple recent pictures of Mila! She was from Libby and Lucas' June 14, 2013 litter and she weighs 22lbs. I saw that they Libby and Lucas had more puppies. They are sooo cute!

Mila has been a great addition and has an amazing personality. I have been bringing her to work with me for the past couple of months as a therapy dog and she loves it!

We cannot thank you enough for providing us with our amazing dog! Our lives would not be the same without her :)

We will continue to keep you update with more pictures.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

Thank you again sooo much Jamie! :)

Meagan, Mike and Mila

Hi Jamie

We would like to thank you for our wonderful puppy Finnigan.

He is the son of Sparrow and Lucas, and was born on May 12, 2016.

He is incredibly smart, and learned to sit and lie down within 48 hours

He continues to impress us with his intelligence. The first time I threw

his ball he retrieved it and brought it back to me. Now it is one of his

favourite games.

He loves to go for walks and meet new people and other dogs.

He is super friendly and well behaved.

Finnigan is such a calm puppy and everyone loves him.

Our family just adores him and we are thrilled to have him.

He wakes us up in the morning by licking our faces.

What can be a better start to your day than waking up to puppy kisses.

He is like a teddy bear that has come to life.

Thank you for being such a fantastic breeder and taking the time

and effort to breed such wonderful golden doodles.

We will send more pictures as he continues to grow.

Thanks again,

Sue and Mark Dudley

HI Jamie

Just wanted to thank you and send you some pictures on our Stanley. He is 5 months old now and weighs around 28 pounds and is smart, friendly and loving to everyone. He has slept through the night since day one, so thanks for your advice.

He has been pretty easy to train and he is now attending obedience classes.

He has brought so much joy to our family - we love him so very much. Of course, it helps that he is so darn cute and handsome! Whenever we go out, we always get comments on his red colour, fluffy coat and teddy bear look.

Stanley has his own Instagram account - minigoldendoodstanley - we would love to hear from any of his brothers, sisters or cousins!

Thanks for bringing Stanley into our lives!

Chris, Charles, Daniel & Emily

Dear Jamie,

Merry Christmas! Benji has had a great week settling in, his met a lot of new people and has been wonderful with humans as well as other dogs he has met on walks. His sleeping through the full night in his crate and has only had a couple of accident but seems to already be potty trained! We absolutely love him and we couldn’t have asked for a better puppy. He has the sweetest nature and is already sitting when asked.

We have been stopped by many people on walks asking who our breeder is, so you may gets some people interested.

Here is some pictures of him this week

Thank you for providing us with our new best friend

Love Renee Derek & Benji!

Skiddles & Oscar baby

Sparrow and Oscar

Sometimes they do get get to be big !



Wally 7 months

Came to pick out his new brother :)

Tina and Rusty Pup!



Recent Photos